Doer vs Thinker

The “Doer” vs the “Thinker”

by Phil Pustejovsky, Rich Dad instructor March 19

There were really two different types of investors there; the “Doers” and the “Thinkers”. When I asked the Doer type how their investing was going, they would say things like, “It’s OK, just closed on our 3rd deal in two months, made a little over $60,000 but we really need to get our act together and start really making some money.” That’s what it sounds like when you are talking to a “Doer”.  Then, the “Thinkers” would answer something like this, “I’ve been reading and gathering information the last couple years, just want to make sure I have a firm foundation before getting started.” The problem with perpetual “thinkers” is that they don’t realize that action is the only way to truly create correct thinking.  It’s not until you start taking action that your thoughts will become focused on the correct direction. For example, how could you really know what a seller is going to ask you until you actually talk to one?  The bottom line is that if you are a perpetual “thinker”, it’s time for you to start “doing” or else you risk staying in the exact same place as you are now.

Want to try some “Doing” March 30, 2010 at our main meeting? Mike

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