Discounted Oil Program. ends December 1, 2009!



It’s that time of year to sign up for the Discount Oil Program. Massachusetts Real Estate Investors Association now offers a Discount Oil Program as a way for our members who use fuel oil to save money by virtue of  volume negotiated pricing. This volume allows to negotiate better pricing than would normally be obtained on an individual basis.


Other plans have several pricing levels for the oil program, such as Locked-in price, the Flex-price and Pre-pay. Due to the recent volatility in the oil market and to streamline our program we have decided to only offer Flex-pricing. While the idea of Locked- in pricing was good when prices were somewhat stable, in the last several years with the dramatic rise and fall of oil prices, many folks who locked in a price suddenly got clobbered when the bottom fell out of the oil market and prices plummeted. SO rather than try to predict what the oil market will do we have decided that this year we will play it safe and go with the Flex-program. What this means is that price for oil will float with the market price of oil. You will purchase your oil at the wholesale price at the port of entry on that day plus a fixed margin of 35 cents per gallon. That represents a savings of approximately 20-40 cents per gallon below the average retail margin of 65 cents. Your savings will vary based on oil inventories on hand at that time.


Because this oil program is technically a benefit of membership, we have decided that to take advantage of the oil program you must be a member.


The vendor is S & N Heating and Oil of Peabody, MA who covers Eastern Massachusetts and limited areas.


Please DON’T PROCRASTINATE! The deadline for signing up for the discount oil program is December 1, 2009. We must have your registration in by that date. All registration MUST be done either on-line or by mail only. If you have a question email [email protected] and be sure to put “oil program” in the Subject line of your email.


So why should you sign up for the oil program today?

            * Better Service S & N is a full service heating oil company. That means they are available 24/7 to handle all of your need and your emergencies too.

* Service Plans S & N offers a Piece of Mind Plan for only $169.00 per year discounted by $25.00 when you sign up by December 1, 2009. Remember there is NO EXTRA Charge for emergency service calls NO MATTER WHEN YOU CALL if you have the oil service plan. There are air conditioning service plans available too.

* Loyalty Credits! Earn credit towards new equipment for each year you purchase a service plan.

* Better Pricing! The best prices on oil compared to other Full Service oil companies.


Don’t be one of those who fail to take advantage of the savings (Massachusetts Real Estate Investors Association) MREIA

It’s Oil Signup Time Again!!!

Sign up by December 1, 2009 for discounted pricing!


Name: ________________________________________________________________

By sending in this application and participating in this program, you understand and are agreeing to the terms and conditions on this application. Application must be received by December 1, 2009.


Mailing Address: ______________________________ City: _____________________


State: ________ Zip: _________       Phone (Day):____________ (Eve): ____________


Property Information

Address: _________________________________ City: ___________________


State: ___________ Zip: __________ Approximate gallons used this past Winter: _____


** Submit separate applications for each property.


Application Fee: $25.00 per property


Checks made payable to Massachusetts Real Estate Investors Association


For credit card payments, please fill out the following:


Credit card #: _____________________________________ Expiration: __________


CSV (on backside): _________ Name on the card: ____________________________


(Visa, MC, Discover): Amount to be charged: ______ Signature: ___________________


Mail (this app and fee) TO: MREIA, PO Box 307, Marblehead, MA 01945 Fax: 781-639-8616


The deadline for registration through is December 1, 2009 and the sign-up process must be completed with the oil vendor within 10 business days of their contacting you. Failure to abide by these time lines could result in the loss of the oil program discount. Incomplete applications or applications without application fees will not be processed Applications that are illegible or that lack current and valid contact information will also not be processed. Early cancellation of service with the oil vendor will result in a termination fee. This will be a flex price program with the automatic delivery and will be subject to applicant passing a credit screening through the vendor before being accepted. is not liable for vendor’s decisions and service. Vendor will contact al new accounts. Your cancelled check or credit card transaction is proof of the receipt of your application. Registration fees are non-refundable. For questions or updates email [email protected]



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