Depot Pro Week 9/12-17 & important meet Tuesday 9/27/16

Good morning [First Name],

Home Depot (like most Mass retailers) had planned on a boost from our traditional Sales Tax Holiday weekend however our Governor Charlie baker said this year he couldn’t afford it:-(

So Depot put this week together for an added bonus when we shop there. Don’t forget to use your CC or checks you’ve registered when you joined ($99./year) and receive your 2% cashback (comes twice a year)

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Check it out only until Saturday September 17, 2016 9pm When you’re in the Salem, MA store make sure you ask for Jairo, Store Manager, or Jennifer, Assistant manager or Michele to show how we support Depot and they support us! (sorry about the image size;-)

Main meeting #47 Newbury Street (Route 1 North), Peabody, MA 01960 Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Doors open 6:30pm Recap and Adjourn 9pm

We’ll be discussing how to set up your business right from the start instead of all the mistakes I see like:

Setting up an LLC right away. (Don’t $500 fee and $500/Commonwealth of Mass:-0

Getting Partners fast. (Do Not, most don’t even write down their Goals, Tasks they’ll perform, Exit Strategies and succession details)

Having a Business Plan. (Maybe some detail more detail than Buy-Fixup-Sell/Rent)

Also Marketing your Business: We all look up information online, mostly Google but have you realized that if you have not made any regular effort for your web presence – YOU DON”T EXIST! Or if you’re placing 4th or 5th on a search, your Phone Doesn’t Ring. We’ve got an expert to show us the simple regular steps you can take to have a profitable Web Presence, have your phone and email RING! and what it takes for higher search placement!

Networking, Haves and Wants, Buddy System, Marcos Pizza while it lasts, Business set up and Easy/Effective marketing.

Did you know, on top of all the discounts you get at Home Depot you’ll receive 2% cashback twice a year once you’ve signed up as a member of and ask for the Bid room if you’re over $1,000. for greater savings.

Testimonial “Mike the Buddy system is sure cutting down on my learning curve. I’ve avoided two potentially costly mistakes already: Picking a Partner instead of a Contracted Service and structuring my Business Entity as an LLC!” Thanks, RR

See you soon, Mike Hurney, Director, PO Box 307, Marblehead, MA 01945 Cell 781-405-1845

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