Damn Ice Dams

Seems to be the season for Ice Dams. Plenty of snow and large swings in temperature.

In my career as a Roofer I never met a Police Officer, Fire Fighter or Carpenter who had “done roofing”, problem was they were great Police Officers, Fire Fighters and Carpenters but terrible Roofers.

So if you’re looking for someone to help with your Ice Dams call a Roofer! I always recommend Mike Dembowski 781-838-1247 who I work with on several of my own properties. In the Liability world you’ll find that a Policy for most of the trades runs around a thousand dollars but for Roofers it’s much more expensive because it’s much more dangerous and requires several skill sets. The real advantage I recognize is that they know roofs and know how to remove that snow and ice without damaging the underling roof. And when they can come back in the Spring they’re able to install a roof with Ice Shield that won’t Ice Dam again.

The accompanying photos show an Ice Dam.

1. First evidence of an ice dam that’s occurring above a window, is the moisture on the inside sill and flaking paint.

2. Evidence of another ice dam with flaking paint and discoloration.

3. The Ice Dam itself in the eaves with moisture that has migrated from the rain gutter to behind the fascia and up a course of shingles. The icicles show how it has refrozen and the inside building heat has it leaking into the structure like a capillary. Above that window.

4. The first part of the solution is to carefully (not damage the rain gutter, drip edge, fascia or shingles) chop the ice and remove it. Middle section of the roof.

5. The second part of the solution is to carefully (not damage the shingles) remove the snow from the roof above the the dam. From a staging that’s got primary and backup safety protection.

Don’t try this at home! Feel free to call a Professionally Licensed and Insured (check that Liability Policy specifically for Roofing work or you may have a huge expense if/when someone or something is injured or damaged)

Mike D says he’ll try to join us tomorrow at our main meeting at the SpringHill Suites Hotel at 43 Newbury Street, Peabody 6:30 – 9:00pm

PS In the past week I’ve received no less than 10 faxes from “Roofers” willing to remove snow from my roofs. Good, except that none of them have any listings for their companies phone numbers, business names or locations. Seems like a nice business to get into without any qualifications or insurance. Once again, if you get a licensed and insured roofer you’ll avoid problems!

Mike Hurney, Director MassRealEstate.net Office 781-405-1845

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