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April 29, 2014 meeting Slide #1 Mike, Rob Fallon, Tree Surgeon & Rue Sherwood Landscaper. Slide #2 Craig Sager of Sotheby’s, Maureen Reddy, & Mike. Slide #3 Neil Kaplan of ProbateLeads and Mike Hurney Director of

Slide #1 Rob Fallon – Tree Surgeon one of his hit list items is the use of a Hedge trimmer for bushes (rhododindruns) or plants (yews) because it makes thousands of cuts the plant has to recover from, unlike pruning shears that might leave 20 cuts for the same effect. Don’t mulch up the trunk, it causes decay, mulch the adjacent soil. Rob’s favorite Curb Appeal item is a Pruned tree with a swing;-)
Watch out for the Norway Maple, now an invasive species. The Winter moth/catepillar usually arrives in May/June be aware if they show up. Prune that tree regularly. You can prune one third of a Fruit tree each year to have it produce the maximum fruit. – Landscaping, one of Rue’s specialties is Extended Seasonal Interest gardens, which is almost an art form. That’s where you have Plants that bloom at different times so there’s always something (coordinated) going on!
She’s learned over the years to never use Weed Barrier or Plastic, only mulch in flower/bush beds. She begins each project to Design for your entire property, creating a unified landscape plan that can be implemented in phases over time. A cost estimate helps you understand the likely landscape project budget. Rue Sherwood oversees the installation of landscape projects, collaborating with skilled contractors. Trees, shrubs and perennials are professionally sourced and delivered to your site, guaranteeing you receive top quality material that meets design specification.  Rue acts as the liaison between you and the contractor, ensuring the project is built successfully. Talk about Buying ready made Curb Appeal!

May Gardening Tips – Stay ahead of weeds in spring!  Weeding is easiest when the weeds are small and the ground is moist. Most insects are beneficial.  Identify insect pests before deciding whether or not to control. Watch for Four Lined Plant Bugs.  They are easily crushed if found. Plant tender bulbs such as Dahlias and Gladiolas after Mother’s Day. Stake perennials before they get too big. Pinching or cutting back many perennials can help control height and prolong bloom times.Prune flowering trees and shrubs just after the flowers fade. Deadhead perennials to prolong flowering and keep your garden looking its best.
In the Veggie Garden: When dandelions bloom and lilac leaves appear, plant cool season crops, like beets, lettuce and carrots. Hill potatoes when the plants are about 5″ high. When oak leaves are the size of a squirrel’s ear, plant corn and beans in the garden, and make a second sowing of carrots, lettuce, beets and radishes.

Slide #2 Staging – Maureen’s first step is to determine who the potential Buyers are. Starter houses are treated differently than High-end trophy estates and she can cater to that Buyer’s needs. Her Tips for increasing the Value of your House are:

1. Remove the Clutter, all of it.

2. Have your Front (facing the street) Professionally Landscaped and maintained weekly.

3. Make sure the exterior does not need Paint on the Trim or Body of the house, otherwise Buyers will never make it over the “curb”.

4. Have your windows washed.

5. Replace shades/mini blinds that have yellowed.

6. Install the highest wattage bulbs your fixtures are equipped for.

7. Install new toilet seats.

8. Remove all the Photos and magnets from your refrigerator

9 Hire a Professional Stager, they’ll see things you are used to, like a crack in the front hall you may have walked by for 10 years.

Her Staging is usually $400.00 and whether the Seller or Listing Realtor pays for it, that determines how much of the report will be implemented. If the Realtor Suggests her services and Pays for her, It gets done!
You can’t “unknow” an item. Once it’s been acknowledged it must be taken care of.
There are some Lessons Maureen has learned:
If the HomeOwner doesn’t make the Changes in the Staging Report, Unfortunately it gets the Realtor off the hook for a slow sale.
Most Sellers have been walking by the same “crack in the wall” for the past 10 years and don’t even see it now. But her report does!
40% of her Staging for Sale Clients retain her to decorate their new home.

Slide #3 NeilKaplan – Probate Leads While the “Great Transfer” from the Greatest Generation to the baby Boomers is still taking place, a second and even larger wealth transfer from the Boomers to their Heirs is starting now and will continue over the next 30-40 years. One main access to the real Estate portion of this wealth is the Real Estate passing through Probate Court. Probate Leads is your key.

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