Cost vs Value

Cost vs Value

Last Friday at our Movers and Shakers we discussed using a General Contractor versus hiring your own Sub Contractors. Almost like buying Retail and Wholesale. However there are many drawbacks lsuch as When do you have an Alternative or Plan B?

We also spoke about which improvements do you make to a property. Frankly if it’s a rental  and won’t add any Rent increase, take care of Safety and Health issues or prevent further deferred maintenance, then Skip it!

[email protected] of Ask the Builder suggested we look at Remodeling Magazines’ Cost vs Value Report which he generously sent the link for

So before you start your improvements you may want to see what the payback is.


PS I believe the Boston Globe listened in Friday because their Real Estate section “Address” in the Sunday edition 2/7/16 had a similar analysis but also used Angys List. I noticed a big disparity in their answers. What do you think?

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