Contractors, Investors, Landlords and Borrowers – 2014!

Us Contractors are a very resourceful bunch, we don’t call “experts” to fix every little thing. We can do most things ourselves… but don’t try this at home! Stanley 30′ Tape Explodes! ** What happened? (below)

Investors, you doing an APOD for all your Properties now at year end? You may be surprised with the results and decide to “cull the herd” early in 2014. Dump those Dogs and Max out those marginal properties! APOD 10.5 fax000820159(1)

Landlords, do you make sure your Tenants receive a SASE on the last Friday of the month? Just in case someone “forgets” it’s due or your address or a stamp or… They Appreciate it! SASE fax000820160

Borrowers, notice the 10 year Tbill broke 3.00% This could be the increased trend we’ve been hearing about. I believe it hasn’t done that since July 2011. It doesn’t take long to run your numbers [email protected] or Mike 781-405-1845 cell

You can join us this Friday 1/3/2014 for Movers and Shakers 7-8:30PM at Denny’s of Danvers where we’ll look at making 2014 Our Year to Excel! Join us and:

Contractors, can adjust their expenses to bid successfully more often.

Investors, can compare their Cap Rates and Cash on Cash ratios with their peers to see what’s ahead and what to avoid.

Landlords, when you make it easy for your Tenants, they make it easy for you. What else can you do for them that has a huge payback?

Borrowers, you may want to PreQualify NOW versus when these rates creep up.

Again, See you Friday, Mike Hurney

** What happened? The beginning of last week I stopped by one of job sites and found one of our tapes Stanley 30′. It was in snow and I thought it might be wet so brought it home. Happened several times before to other tapes. I pulled the measuring portion out, locked it then dried it off with a rag leaving it near the boiler. The next day I noticed the measuring portion had separated from the case and a little water dripped out. OK I opened the case to dry it and connect the tape to the spring. But I saw a small cream colored sealed case inside and printed on it WARNING – DO NOT OPEN – HIGHLY STRESSED SPRING INSIDE, ok  I’m busy I’ll check it out later. WOW when I returned several hours later the parts in the attached photo covered my office. I guess it was STRESSED. Be careful, do you think they should have four screws to open the case?

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