Contractors Checklist #102

Need a Contract or an Attorney to check your Contracts out?

We’ve got two versions of a downloadable Contract for our Members on our site Administration, Content, Library, Construction Contracting: “Building Contractors Agreement”

Better still

Attorney David A. Ceruolo, Esq will provide Members with a 45 minute Complementary Consultation on his Contract or Yours… Might be good to keep current with Contracts in 2019.

David A. Ceruolo, 403 Franklin Street, Melrose, MA 02176

781-662-9200 Fax 781-662-9290

[email protected]

Remodeling Magazine

Most of us Contractors are already speaking to our Clients on the added Value our services provide. But this Remodeling Magazine current guide provides our Backup!

e.g. Midrange Major Kitchen Remodel  $69,129. Resale value $40,795. Cost recouped 59.0% Change versus 2018 down 🙁 I guess I’d sell that Kitchen on the pleasure & convenience  the current occupants would receive now!

Changes in the Massachusetts State Building Code

I hope you got your 12 hours of CEUs to renew your Construction Supervisors (unrestricted) license like I did this past Summer. Required every 2 years. You probably noticed, especially, in the 6 Hours Live meeting that there were quite a few changes. Tough to keep track of them unless you get a new code book every time it’s revised or attend these necessary hours.


Home Depot Pro Construction Guide

Home Depot spends millions on Research and Advertising which is VERY much focused on Contractor & Consumer Buying Habits and Demographics. You might as well take advantage of their research by following their latest Guide, link below:

November-December 2019

Interesting article on How to Do a Complete Bathroom Upgrade (with a checklist).

Probably wouldn’t hurt for us Gringos to do a little work on our Espanol.


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