Contractors, how big are you, The Wall? How BIG do you want to get… Contracting with Comm of Mass?

In our Association we’ve got many Contractors, probably due to our Home Depot discount program: 2% cashback on all purchases, 20% off paint, discount at the cash registers and up to 25% discount on appliance “suites” for Active members (only $99./year to join or renew)
As we make an effort to serve our Contractors better we’re working with the Commonwealth of Mass and their “streamlined” system to handle their FY17 (ends June 30) State Budget of $39,249,262,000.
There’s a huge amount of work in the Horizontal Construction (DOT Roads & Utilities) and Vertical Construction (Real Property Sales, Leasing)
But I believe most of our members are interested in these subsections:
Tradespersons TRD01 Bid Opportunity
Tradespersons TRD02 Bid Opportunity
I’ve got their latest package and training schedules for you at our the next meeting Friday, March 31, 2017 6:30-9pm (Spring RE Market, Construction Contracts & Hidden Market) OSD Training for Vendors Winter 2017
The Wall
However if you’re a REALLY BIG Contractor, I’m sure you’re aware of getting your bids in for our President’s Southern Border Wall with Homeland Security:
Southern Border Wall
You may want to reach out to our Congressman Seth Moulton who has pledged support: “I am so proud to serve the people of the Sixth District, and I look forward to working for you in the coming year. One of my biggest priorities is helping my constituents cut through the red tape with federal agencies. If you are having a problem with a federal agency, are looking for resources, or have questions about what constituent services we offer, please call my office at: (202) 225-8020.”
I look forward to see you soon, Mike Hurney, Director PO Box 307, Marblehead, MA 01945 Office 781-631-8018
PS If you’re getting involved with the Commonwealth of Mass for the work above, I’d suggest you devote at least one person full time until you fully understand this “streamlined” program and you’re automated. The Solicitation Response was hammered into us to Download the RFR and read it cover to cover! Also for Large Procurements (>$150,000.) the criteria for bid selection is 65% price, 10% State Certification MBE – Minority Business Enterprise, WBE – Women Business Enterprise & VBE – Veteran-owned Business Enterprise so you may want to take of those “Enterprises” up front! Good Luck, Mike

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