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To the left is the reason for our Snow-day (12/17/13) delay, installing new siding:-(


1. Congratulations to remodeling Contractors! A poll from Remodeling magazine indicates that early 2013 prices for your work were up over 2012 prices (prior to that prices had dropped for the 3 previous years. Recession over?) Projects ranged from an Entrance replacement ($7,000.+) to a Complete Kitchen Remodel ($100,000.+). The winner in the “Cost Payback” to an Owner were highest with Siding Replacement at almost 80%.

I believe 2014 Prices, usually in the January editions of Remodeling periodicals, will indicate prices have continued to rise!

Ever go to look at a Project and Estimate some work, then find the Owner is mainly interested in something else?

“Yes we NEED that Roof and your Estimate but we WANT a new Kitchen.”

Might be a good idea to have YOUR Costs and Options in your back pocket when this occurs. How? If you haven’t done one recently run a quick estimate on your Own home using the Home Depot Estimator. Caution, don’t let your Spouse see it, or you may have more work on your hands than you want right now;-)
You could join us at an upcoming meeting and Network to find a fellow Contractor that IS doing that Sub work and you Could Partner or Joint Venture. REMEMBER that works BOTH ways. When I had a Roofing business I’d recommend a Siding guy when I was straight out. If he recommended me, then we’d continue, if not…..


2. Home Inspectors – I haven’t been impressed with any lately. If you do know one? You can let me know Why? and their Contact information? Thanks, Mike

Flip Boston

3. Buyers/Investors interested in Making an Offer on the Latest “Flip” project which features State of the Art, iPhone Apps for Lighting, HVAC control and the Sound system, you can call Roberta 781-258-5216,  $300-$400k Marblehead – Salem – Swampscott area.

Check this out

4. Also for Buyers/Investors: (Roberta RE Broker 781-258-5216) is pleased to present your Offers on what I consider the Slowest Niche (with the best opportunities!) One Million and up. There were around 50 SF properties in Marblehead with close to a year Days On Market. Many have been withdrawn for the Holidays and the word is Sellers can wait. But why would a Seller go through the sometimes tremendous inconvenience of putting a house on the Market for a year? I believe there’s an Opportunity here, you can email [email protected]

Personal Upgrade

5. Reading list – my financing business [email protected] has a list of Recommended Books to help your business. Any of the Real Estate Brokers we’re working with will receive one of their selection along with our Honey roasted Cashews. Interested in working with us? [email protected] Recommended Books will be on the site.

See you soon, Mike Hurney, Director PO Box 307, Marblehead, MA 01945 781-639-8616 Office

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