College Grad combines skills, finds fame and fortune! Only 20% of this years 1.65 million college grads have jobs!

I attended an internet Social Marketing seminar this week where the speaker had a business finding jobs for college grads. Nice niche because of the 80% who do not have jobs yet! This reminded me of a story my father told me years ago. One of the first “quiz shows” on early TV was called “The $64,000. Question” much like “Who wants to be a Millionaire” today, it featured competition and rounds which brought you progressively closer to the Ultimate prize – $64,000.

It seems a young professional woman was watching “The $64,000 question”, felt she could compete and win the big prize. She went to the broadcast studio and asked to meet the Producers. After she explained her “Special” background, they chuckled to each other and tried to get a studio “hand” to show her out.
** Indignant she asked, Why not?**
Well, a producer told her, You say you’re a Psychologist, right?
** Yes, with credentials and a legitimate practice! She replied.**
Well, see that line over there? Those are the Shrinks auditioning for the show!
** That’s only about 5 people, I’m competitive?**
No, they go around the building and down the street, a couple of hundred. Good Luck honey, Shrinks, Sminks we got plenty!
** So what would I have to do to get noticed and on the show?**
Who knows, the public is fickle, I’m not sure this week, we just hope we hit it, then stick with it until ratings drop.
** Thanks for your time.**
Wait lady, I’m thinking unusual would do it. Maybe if you knew boxing. How’s: The Psychologist of Pugilism? You know like most women don’t like boxing or know the fighters, referees or judges. If you were to study Boxing for the last ten years and know who all the fighters were, who won and the refs and judges that would be so unusual for a Professional, classy woman like you, then people might watch but it’s a lot of work and there’s huge pressure when we’re on live…..
Joyce studied that profession and results, tested well, got her shot on the show and she’s been famous ever since!

What am I saying here? Dr. Brothers was halfway there. You don’t necessarily have to go into a new profession to find work. You probably have great skills in your chosen career and the good life skills that got you here! Think of the advantage you have, bringing your powerful resources to bear on a new or changing industry? (Copyright Mike Hurney 2010 Can be used with permission)
You’re welcome to attend the next meeting of our Real Estate Investors Association to learn of opportunities in this DRAMATICALLY changing field. In my few years in this business (since 1985) I’ve seen the most disruption and change in the past 12 months! Disruption and/or change = Opportunity! I look forward to seeing you soon, Mike Hurney [email protected]

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