Collecting money

I heard Mike the plumber call into a Real Estate show today. He wanted to speak with an Attorney about how to collect money from some of his Clients that he’s done work for. It seems they’re not returning his calls anymore. He was thinking it would tie him up for a day and he’d lose $400-800 dollars depending on the type of work he had scheduled.

I spoke to him afterwards and told him how I use the Small Claims system which doesn’t take too long. He should go to the closest one to his home and get the form. Then have a short consultation with an Attorney, just so he doesn’t end up losing his own rights with: Third Party Intervention, Ability to collect “something” which aknowledges a debt and Verbal contracts. A debt collector I know, charges 25-35% for Medical, Commercial and now Rental debt. As to taking the time off to put this together and to file: Why not ask the Clerks if they have any Plumbing work he can take care of (careful how you word this) since he’s there already . Also the Attorney does he needs work or better yet, Do they have any friends that need a Plumber?

Marketing 101: Does everyone you know, know what you do? 102: Have you asked them if they know anyone who needs you?

Worst thing you’ll hear in Business: “I didn’ know you did, that?” 

How do you guys collect money?

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