Caution with the iPhone Flashlight FREE App

Caution with the iPhone Flashlight FREE App

Ever hear the expression, There’s no “Free Lunch”?

I was at a Networking Event this week and spoke to one of my favorite Gurus who incidentally will be speaking to us at our January Monthly meeting Tuesday January 28, 2014 in addition to the Real Estate topics.

JAG will be speaking about her specialty, Forensic Web, PC & Mac Investigations. Mainly cautions for us users on our privacy.
It seems that the GREAT FREE APP of turning our iPhone into a Flashlight is not as FREE as we thought. JAG said that within the Acceptance Agreement, which we all “check” without reading, is the statement that you Agree to give the App complete access to all your contacts.
If you take a quick look at them right now, imagine how those Contacts will want to “Thank You” for the iPhone Flashlight FREE App referral?
Great marketing technique but it seems almost insidious doesn’t it? Folks don’t even need viruses any more, do they? Just give out “FREE” Apps, barrage the users contacts, and try to upsell them something next week, month, etc

Back to your Contact list: who’s on it? Your Boss, Co-workers, Direct reports, Friends, Family, Credit Card and Bank contacts from the last Privacy Invasion where you had to cancel and reinstate Credit Cards and Bank Accounts?
JAG’s advice, read the Agreement and be aware. You may Agree anyway and download the App but at least you’re aware!
See you soon, Mike

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