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Make that Offer!

Make that Offer! I’m outlining the “Simplest” formula for making offers. As Simple as what my father told me, many years ago, about making money: “To make a million dollars, put 1 million dollars in the bank at 5% interest and wait 14 years, then you’ll have a million dollars!” (famous other rule of 70) […]

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Fall Maintenance Checklist

Trees and Shrubs take care of us by beautifying our Properties and mitigating some of our harsh weather, so now’s the time as the leaves are falling off, to get your tree guy in, check and treat for any disease and catch up on pruning! And of course get those leaves and debris off the […]

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Networking Case Study #102

email 9/18/18 11:01am Hey Folks, At our last Movers meeting, 9/7/18 Andrea told us how she grabbed a deal, needed some GCs for up to $150,000. in rehab and construction work and asked if we could help her. Victoria searched our extensive database and found 36 General Contractors, 14 of whom are active members. We […]

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Info on Gas Leaks, Len on Losses

email that went out 9/16/18 Good morning, The Utility company has been installing a new “higher” pressure gas main at the top of my street. They found a leak so they evacuated everyone from the adjacent homes. Better to be safe than sorry. However once the leaks were fixed they wouldn’t allow the homeowners any gas service […]

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