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Which meeting do I attend?

Hey Guys, sorry you may have been disappointed at another REIAs meeting. I’ve found that often there’s some difference between the introduction to an upcoming event and what actually takes place. Here’s how to know Which meeting do I attend? What I usually do, is mention what I’m bringing and what I’m looking for on […]

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Interesting Movers and Shakers 1/1/2016

Last Friday we met for our Movers and Shakers 1/1/2016 at Dennys. The consensus on the Real Estate market for 2016 is that: New listings are not coming on the market quick enough to subdue price increases and that will continue. It’s a Sellers Market. Rentals are scarce and Landlords will continue to raise rents. […]

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average lifespan of Appliances

Happy New Year everybody! Sometimes it helps to get organized, as you may be finding out as you put your 2015 financials together to file your Tax Returns;-) Within the next week I’m going through all my properties to inventory all the Appliances. There are several benefits for doing this. Your Tenants will appreciate your […]

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