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You have to Rent to Criminals?

HUD’s new guidance on Criminal Background checks places Housing Providers and Municipalities in conflict over the recognition of Arrests!  For the ten page HUD Guide – HUD’s guidance includes the banning of arrests from consideration for housing.  While this may seem legitimate, it places housing providers in a very awkward position, as many municipalities […]

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Why do you need a property manager?

Why do you need a property manager? The question of whether to hire a property manager or not has likely crossed every real estate investors mind at least once. Here are a few reasons to consider hiring a professional property manager: Better tenants and shorter vacancies: Property managers have seen hundreds, if not thousands, of […]

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GET PAID Don’t lose out on charges for cleaning or repairs after resident moves out simply because YOU did the work. One landlord shares in the following words how she gets paid when she does the labor.  “When a resident moves, we hire out for clean up: the windows, carpets and paint. But some of […]

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HOW MUCH and WHEN do you RAISE RENT? By Mike Hurney, Director of   There’s a matter of position. You as a Landlord want to be perceived as Responsive, Fair and Honest, otherwise simple things won’t get resolved such as what’s “Wear and Tear” and what needs to be charged back to a Tenant. […]

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