Can you help Robyn Thompson rebuild her Orphanage?

“Our Friend (national Real Estate Speaker) Robyn Thompson needs your help!
Her orphanage has been devastated.
I just called and donated my $99. on a credit card with Tracy 407-860-5792 can you help also?” Thanks, Mike Hurney

Dear Real Estate Investor,
My heart is aching because the greatest accomplishment in my life was the orphanage I built, in Frank McKinney’s subdivision for 165 children in Haiti, has been devastated.  Yesterday evening around 5:00pm an earthquake measuring 7.0 delivered a catastrophic blow to my children.

Frank McKinney is leaving on a search and rescue mission with two planes filled with food, water, and medical supplies to aide the starving, injured, and devastated Haitian children.  I have committed to Frank that I would supply enough food, water, and medical supplies for my 165 children along with enough funds to rebuild the orphanage.  This is why I am in need of your help.  Each one of my students who makes a mere $99. contribution, to the rescue efforts of my orphanage, I will give you my brand new course entitled “Becoming A Real Estate Champion” scheduled for release this spring.

Ironically the course teaches you that we all need to take care of those less fortunate then ourselves because that is what champions do.

When you start acting like a champion in your personal life you become a champion in your business room.

I had intended to sell the course for $399, but if you help right now to buy $99 of food, water, and medical supplies the course is yours.

To make a donation call the 24 hour hotline at any of the numbers below.





Thank you so much for your support.  I know together we as real estate champions can rebuild my orphanage.

Thank you,
Robyn Thompson
PS All donations are tax deductible and you will receive a receipt for tax purposes.

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