Weekly Update July 5 & 11, 2019

Weekly Update July 11, 2019 Investors Push Up Prices in Opportunity Zones A recent article on Bloomberg Tax (who may have realized an important aspect of supply & demand) says that real estate investors are taking advantage of 2017’s tax overhaul’s opportunity zone tax breaks, but then they suggest that they’re “shooting themselves in the […]

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Our most Important Member…

Especially heading into the Hurricane Season… You’re welcome to call Len Theran 24/7 617-932-5192 if you’re in ANY Loss!   https://www.proflossadjuster.com/blog/meet-the-public-adjuster-howard-shore?utm_campaign=Branding&utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=74435138&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-9rRaJVWuERH33gdyoHE_ot5urAbQveiAobpf-QOLO2lpEYEmxIDbHqJB3pTWghThU8_PaveUophoR0kHfL9tsYHj_D_A&_hsmi=74435138

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Interesting Weekly Update 6/28/19

Interesting Weekly Update 6/28/19 Existing Home Sales Up 2.5% in May The National Association of Realtors are reporting that existing home sales were up 2.5% in May, marking the first time in two months that there was an increase in sales.  The NAR says that all four major U.S. regions saw a sales growth, with […]

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