Last Tuesday 9/29/09

*** (3 stars) Local talent – The CraigsList Queen gave us a live demonstration on how she gets Angelo’s phone ringing off the hook! Fred showed us his Welcome package and how his Tenants (ingeniously) get to determine their annual rent increases! Sean Carpenter covered Government Funds with Grants and Loans, especially how he works […]

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NouvelleAtNatick.com Auction today!

This afternoon I attended the Auction of 42 condominiums in Natick. This was the project long stalled because of the economy and drop in Mass Real Estate prices (we’re now in year 4 of declining values). My sister was very interested in these Luxury units however I cautioned her about the Real Estate taxes which […]

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Get ready for Fall

Thanks to Connie Eccles & Metro East Landlords Association 1. Windows and Doors Check the space between the exterior siding and window and door frames. I use expensive Phenoseal which seems to last longer. Check window frames for cracks, then spackle or plastic wood filler. Paint window frames if necessary. Clean storm window tracks and […]

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Movers & Shakers 9/18/09

Good group last night! Lucinda and her husband are looking to purchase more property in Florida, eventually retiring there. Also interested in Self Directed IRAs for TAX FREE or Tax Deferred investing. Fred has a “Welcome package” for his tenants that lists everything, including how paying late will impact their annual rent increases. Jim said […]

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Let’s get back to …..

(Email that went out this morning) Hey Mike and Fellow Investors,    I can recall getting back to … and my best teachers/instructors started with: “Let’s get into this “NEW” material!” later we’d go back and review but the interest and momentum had begun. Ingenious, Who’s not interested in NEW? So here’s where I am this […]

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