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Hey Keith – Attorneys “Close” (Complete the Sell/Buy transaction) in Massachusetts. You can simultaneously close in Mass. but you’ll pay two closing fees. Fees depends on the Attorney and Source of Funds (Mortgage companies have different fee structures). Sure you can get introduced to Hard Money sources at any Investors Association but Equity Partners are […]

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“general info” ?

Hi Mike, when you close on a property in massachussetts. Who does the closing? Real estate attorney or title company.Does massachussetts real estate law allow simultaneous closings? What does closing cost entail? Title co., appraisors, contractors, attorneys fees etc. Or do you have to pay these cost up front? Do i have access to hard […]

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Real Estate – “Shotgun-Style”

Just like in a Golf Tournament, when you start “Shotgun-Style”, we’ve been doing our Real Estate education in the same manner. Shotgun is where everyone begins a round of 18 holes at once, all at different holes then finishes all 18 holes at once in 3-4 hours. No matter which month you begin, in 12 […]

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