Best and Worst Cities for Car Lovers 10/20/17

Best and Worst Cities for Car Lovers 10/20/17

Let’s face it, we love our cars in this country, hands down.  But as you may know, some cities are just better for car lovers and some places just can’t cut it.   With that in mind, the folks over at came up with a list of the top U.S. 10 cities for car lovers where they looked at over 100 housing markets.

Goldman Sachs to Fund Flippers

CNBC is reporting that Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs is getting into the house flipping market with its recent acquisition of Genesis Capital –  one of the largest private-money lenders in the U.S.

League of Cities’ Local Economic Conditions

The National League of Cities recently released their Local Economic Conditions report for 2017 that gauges the performance of key local economic indicators from the unique vantage point of those who are held most accountable for prosperity and equity in cities: their chief elected officials.

Real Estate is not Risky, the Lack of Knowledge is Risky!

Podcast:  On a recent episode of their BRAG (Be Rich And Generous) podcast, Larry Goins and Kandas take questions and discuss the fears & even the “naysayers” that might keep you from getting started in real estate investing.  Larry says that “fear is false evidence appearing real” and emphasizes knowledge as the key ingredient to successful investing.

New Evidence Shows Eliminating Rent Control Reduces Crime

Will eliminating rent-controlled units actually reduce crime? is reporting that a new working paper from researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology show this to be the case.

Local Market Monitor’s National Economic Outlook for October

Local Market Monitor (a National REIA preferred vendor) recently released their National Economic Outlook for October, 2017 where they share their thoughts on developments taking place in the U.S. economy.

Amazon Selling Tiny Houses

We suppose it was bound to happen……Gizmodo is reporting that Amazon is now selling tiny houses among the millions of books, food, and all other consumer items you might need (or didn’t know you needed).  And they even offer free shipping!

Housing Starts & Permits Down: Hurricanes to blame?

The U.S. Government is reporting that privately owned housing starts in September were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,127,000.  This is 4.5% below August’s estimate of 1,183,000, but it is 6.1% higher than September 2016.

Real Estate Trends for Fall

Autumn is fully upon us and what better way to relish the season (before it gets cold) than with a list of the 13 Real Estate Trends from FortuneBuilders that you can use to take advantage of these most timely opportunities.

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