Beach Day? Not yet…

For those of us that don’t go away for the Winter, this has been a tough one. But I’m sure we’ll be having that Beach Day soon.

What’s the outlook for this Spring? I was at the Registry of Deeds in Salem this past week and the only thing there besides one Closing, were the echoes. I spoke to a Closing Attorney and a Title Searcher. Title guy says he was used to doing 30 Titles a day with his crew but now he’s only doing 3 a week. The Attorney speculated it’s a 50/50 chance the Housing recovery will languish based on low inventory (pushing prices up) and the chance that interest rates will rise.

I’m still optimistic and IF a property makes sense to you (and of course you run an APOD or Deal Analyzer on EVERY property you look at!), you may want to get it under agreement ASAP.


PS We’re looking forward to Part II on interiors 3/31/15 Kitchens! See you there.


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