Back to School!

Hey Fellow Investors, it was a tough weekend remembering 9/11. Our condolences go out to the victims families.

After Labor Day the Seasons start to change and so do we. If you’ve taken it easy for the Summer (I’ve been very busy, rates are still low. So haven’t most Investors I work with and Fellow members of our Association) let’s kick it up a notch.

1. Anyone interested in a local Deal, house and land offered for less than the land is worth. Low $200s?

2. Also Terry is offering a Commercial niche course for our members. Commercial as in the next step for us Residental Income investors, also as in, “Thank you Your Honor. I know that Lease means what it says and thanks for reminding the Defandant in our case!”

3. We continue with our Tenant/Landlord series, Part 2 September 27. Movers and Shakers 9/23.

See you soon and good luck investing, Mike

PS What are you guys working on? Anything interesting you need a hand, advice or someone to partner with?

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