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Mike Hurney is the Founder and Director of MassRealEstate.net, an Association of Contractors, Investors and Landlords. He is the Author and Coach of the popular Course "How to Become a Real Estate Investor in 12 Simple Lessons" which Trains and Guides Beginners or Sharpens and Challenges the Skill of Advanced Investors. Mike is a Successful Real Estate Investor, Rehabber and Landlord. He's also a licensed Real Estate Broker and Construction Supervisor. MassRealEstate.net PO Box 307, Marblehead, MA 01945 Office 781-405-1845 [email protected]

Movers & Shakers 9/18/09

Good group last night! Lucinda and her husband are looking to purchase more property in Florida, eventually retiring there. Also interested in Self Directed IRAs for TAX FREE or Tax Deferred investing. Fred has a “Welcome package” for his tenants that lists everything, including how paying late will impact their annual rent increases. Jim said […]

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Let’s get back to …..

(Email that went out this morning) Hey Mike and Fellow Investors,    I can recall getting back to … and my best teachers/instructors started with: “Let’s get into this “NEW” material!” later we’d go back and review but the interest and momentum had begun. Ingenious, Who’s not interested in NEW? So here’s where I am this […]

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Last Tuesday Foreclosures.

Last Tuesday our meeting consisted of Foreclosures from a list but not how to use them. I used part of Tony Young’s (Speaker that did a presentation for us in January)package on How to use this list. A. He’s got a great section on how to place your property into a Prospectus format that’s usually […]

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For about the past year I’ve been bemoaning the fact that Rents have been flat to negative. Real Estate taxes are increasing. & Insurance has been going up. On the off chance that there might be something there, I answered a postcard offer that said because I had a post-graduate degree from a University I […]

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IQ Overrated

I’ve studied a lot of successful investors and noted a common theme or quality they have – Persistence! Last Sunday in the Boston Globe Jonathan Lehrer wrote an arrtticle which seems to confirm this “The truth about GRIT” a friend of Lehrer noted the most successful people  graduating from “… her Harvard class chose a […]

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