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Apartment for Rent – “hi mike I have a 6 room 3 bedroom deleaded apt in winthrop 1500.00 no util if anyone is interested avil now” Rich Ceruolo Remodeling [email protected]

1. Hey Rich, good luck. Do you have it on Craig’s List? How about a picture? When I place ads on Craig I’m barraged with inquiries unless I’m very specific about the Location, Amenities and Pictures.

I believe I saw that unit (or the Appraisal Report when we were refinancing you). You’ve got some nice property and I’m sure that’ll go fast!

I spoke to a fellow Landlord yesterday, while working on a Purchase finance mortgage for him. He recalled the Housing Court Judge speaking to us last month. His takeaway was when the Judge said “Screen carefully, you do not want to use the Housing Court to ELIMINATE Bad Tenants!”

2. Rich, if you’re working locally? I’d like to get with you and Sok your Foreman on that Purchase finance Mortgage he was interested in. By the way, if he’s been with you for 10 years he must be good!

3. Also Roberta is still singing your praises about the killer VA Inspection (that she was the Selling Broker on) which you easily helped her correct so she could complete a sale for some nice people!!!

4. When you have time or you’re working in Marblehead, can we look at that electrical work, which you recommended?

Thanks, Mike 781-639-8616 Office

Mike Hurney, Director MassRealEstate.net PO Box 307, Marblehead, MA 01945 [email protected]merican.com

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