9 Tips for Getting Started in Real Estate Investing

9 Tips for Getting Started in Real Estate Investing
(by JC Underwood, Crown Properties)

1. Treat this like  Business

2. Learn about the Business and Stay Informed.

3. There are Many Profitable Strategies in Real Estate.

4. Have a Plan

5. Surround yourself with Like-Minded People.

6. Be Persistent.

** 7. Have a Team on Your Side.

8. Don’t Waste Time with UnMotivated Sellers.

9. Never Forget that Real Estate is Really about People!
** You could probably put your Team together at our monthly meetings, Mike
Attorney – gotta be Active in Real Estate.
Insurance – with Broad experience from Residential to Commercial and be Competitive.
CPA or Accountant – that knows the ins and outs of Investing, Contracting and Landlording. Must be able to review your Strategy before you move ahead.
Contractor – A General Contractor is good to start with.
Financing Broker – sometimes conventional lending won’t help you and you’ll need other sources.
Mentor – Someone who’s “been there, done that” and will answer your call. Don’t forget, as they say in BNI “You’ve got to Give to Get!”
Title Company – here in Massachusetts we’re covered with the Real Estate (closing) Attorney above. Wouldn’t hurt to also spend a little time with an Appraiser.

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