5/31 followup – 1 hour, Property Management, Discrimination, Evict & Hardwood

Good morning Fellow Real Estate Investors, Contractors and Landlords,

At our last monthly meeting 5/31, we began with RealeFlow

I’m thinking as the Summer days get longer and our available time gets shorter it’s great to have this system where you can spend an hour each morning – select the Leads (houses to go after) in the 9 categories: Absentee Owners, Bankruptcies, Free and Clear, Renters, Probates, Tax Liens, Upside Down, High Equity and Low Equity from the LeadPipes. Then pick your State, County, City and Zip Code.

Victoria focused on two Counties near Detroit where she’s been successful.
Then we did Massachusetts, Essex County, Lynn and 01904 where Bill is focusing. We downloaded and sent him about 50 leads.

Then you go through the many leads, checking off the ones you’d like to go after.

Next select the Campaign type: 1,2,3 or 5 touch, Frequency: weekly, biweekly or monthly,

Then the Campaign type of Mailing: Postcard, Yellow letter, blue ink handwritten, type of postage, pay for it and the mailings go out.

This system goes for $7/month for the first three months and if you can find a better one, give me a shout, Here’s my link for our special pricing, Mike

Scudder Bay Property Management went through their requirements before they’ll consider taking on a new property to manage.

These included building requirements and tenant requirements. Luckily, after you’ve gone through the effort of getting all these documents it also makes sense to have all this information on file for yourself! Anthony and Brian even have a guide for you upon request…

The Junkyard Dog of Eviction Attorneys then took over with a simple way that we can ALL comply with the Protected Classes (7 HUD, Massachusetts 8 more) and avoid Discrimination suits especially the latest additional class that prohibits us from discriminating against Convicted Criminals!

Back to his Forte’ – Evictions, He covered how to do it right the first time VERY quickly. He explained why you should send the 14 day and 30 day Notices together! and the problems with “Cash for Keys” which is often mishandled.

Karen won the $100. gift certificate towards a new kitchen and Marco out did himself with his great variety of gourmet Pizza.

Bill, Mike Hurney, Steve, Bob and Christine wrap up another great MassRealEstate.net meeting at WorldDepot.net

Hardwood flooring, when you’re interested,you’ve got to call Angelo at the flooring center. He took me through some of their best floors. It’s his opinion that about 90% of the homes around here have red oak floors and that if you put something like his Preverco (Canada’s best) Komoto (dark finish on a red oak base) Normally $8-10/SF but he’s got a special for $5.50/SF it’ll really make a kitchen POP.

He’s also got unfinished Red Oak $3.5 + 3 installed and prefinished $5/SF. You’re welcome to spend a little time with him at the showroom and warehouse (where we meet WorldDepot.net) It’ll be a real education for you – 978-854-5671 [email protected]

See you soon, Movers and Shakers this Friday, 6/3/16. Mike Hurney

Director MassRealEstate.net PO Box 307, Marblehead, MA 01945 Office 781-631-8018

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