Open Houses, 5 Salvage Yards, Architectural Styles and New Orleans VooDoo Shrimp!

I’m usually cooking on Sundays, whether it’s BBQ, even prepped on the deck after shoveling off the snow in January or an Adam Ried recipe. Yesterday we put together his New Orleans VooDoo Shrimp (excellent!), rice pilaf and broiled vegetables as I ran around to half a dozen Open Houses.

What’s better than a Sunday going to Public Open Houses (vs Broker Tours on Wednesday)? A lot, like spending a day off with Family and Friends, relaxing or catching up on what has fallen behind. Mainly, how else can you see a dozen houses in less than 3 hours, meeting Buyers, Brokers and some of your Competitors!

Basically, this is the Business we’ve chosen, Residential Real Estate which sometimes requires us to work nights and weekends. In contrast to Commercial Real Estate which is 9-5 M-F.

So I did my OHs, 6 I’m interested in out of 39 and reviewed my notes for follow-up. Later while prepping the recipe, I noticed an interesting Article by Elizabeth Gehrman, in the Globe magazine 10/27/13, that has a primer on 14 Architectural Styles starting with “First Period” (1600-1700) right up to “Mid-Century Modern” (1933-1973), where you can find the best examples and 5 local Salvage Yards, “Where to Find Old Supplies”

You can comment on What are the Architectural Styles in your neighborhood?

Thanks, Mike

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