Recap 4/26/16 Housing Court meeting. RealeFlow & Property Management

Recap 4/26/16 Housing Court meeting. RealeFlow & Property Management

Interesting meeting, sometimes I forget how much information you guys have to share but no one knows it all, that’s why we network!

We covered the RealeFlow system.There’s a lot to this Business, RealeFlow puts it all together for you:

*Leadflow (Websites, Leadpipes, Direct Mail).
*Contacts/Properties (CRM, Paperless Office, Document Management, Photos/Videos).
*Analyze (Deal Analyzer, Repair Estimator, Rehab Planner).
*Market (Website, Moby, Sellpoint, Powermatching). We have special pricing for our and Associations.

You’re welcome to check it out for only $7./month. Don’t forget it puts the lead generation and Direct mail together. We looked for “Absentee” (non Owner Occupied houses) & “High Equity” (over 50% LTV) Owners in Danvers then put together the “5-Touch” campaign. Next we selected whether to use Postcards, Yellow Letters or a Hand written envelopes and personalized letters for each “touch”. After selecting the “Timing” (frequency of our deliveries) we Priced, Paid and Sent the campaign on the way to our potential Sellers!

Next Anthony Lapolla 339-219-0316 of Scudder Bay Property Management offered his Advice, Consultation and Services for Expert Property Management! He doesn’t accept all properties to Manage mainly because some are so far behind on their Maintenance, Records and Tenant Correspondence that it’s a Law Suit just waiting to happen but he’ll gladly help you pull it all together.

Our main speaker was Chief Justice Timothy Sullivan, head of all the Housing Courts in Massachusetts and his main Housing Moderator Cynthia.

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 They were able to cover all the documents needed for a Legal Tenancy. Show us this website to check potential Tenants against the Housing Court records:*pPvb*w

What are the guidelines for a Retaliation action AGAINST YOU from a Tenant.

What’s the 90/90 rule for a Judgement and Execution.

Their handout was the guidelines for the Security Deposit-Last Months Rent MGL Chapter 186 Section 15B.

Warning signs of Tenancy going bad.

How you can quickly move a Tenant out on any of 3 conditions.

Housing Court expansion vs District Court , tenancy Preservation, Lawyer for a Day for Landlords! etc

I look forward to see you soon, Mike Hurney

Movers and Shakers May 6, 2016.

Wholesaling/Flipping Subgroup May…

Main meeting Tuesday, May 31, 2016.

Dave Lindahl Tuesday, July 26, 2016 and Dave’s REMentor Ultimate Partnering 8 August 19-21, 2016 in BOSTON!

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