4 Things To Do If You Have a Water Damage Insurance Claim

After several extraordinary winters of snow and ice, there have been tens of thousands of homes and other buildings that have suffered damage from ice dams and subsequent water damage. Here is our opinion of what you should do to deal with water damage.

1. First, eliminate the source of the water. If there is snow or ice on the roof, hire a roofer, contractor, or remediation company to remove it. Many insurance companies are paying from $300 to $550 per roof. If there is a broken pipe, shut off the water supply and call plumbers to fix the break. Keep all the parts that are replaced. You have an obligation under the terms of the policy to prevent further damage.

2. Report the claim to you insurance company or agent. You will be asked for information such as:

  • When did it begin?
  • Have you done anything to the home?
  • Are the dams or snow still in place?
  • Describe the damages? Be careful and thorough when answering. You want to make certain that you give a true and complete picture. Describe all the damage and don’t leave anything out.
  • If you have hired us, let the insurance company know and give them our contact information.
  • Request an immediate meeting with an insurance company adjuster. If there is widespread damage, there could be a time lag before the insurance company schedules an inspection, even if they have brought in adjusters from other parts of the country. (It’s the nature of the business when so many others are affected.) If your home has suffered from the devastating effects of natural disasters, you might want to find out more here about how you can discuss a settlement.

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