Rehabbed House/BBQ August 29, 2017

Alex and Karen won prizes but the REAL WINNER IS MICHELLE! She’s the investor who was able to get an “Off-Market” house at a discounted price, add value with Updates and Repairs then she plans to sell it for a decent profit.

When I introduced everyone at the beginning of the meeting I suggested a GOAL make sure you know how YOU can do the same thing. Everyone was there who accomplished this Buy-Fixup-Sell so you should have no trouble finding out how YOU can do it! Good to see everyone! Mike

    Michael Leavy, (Salem, MA Home Depot Manager with his senior staff) working on the Grill for our BBQ/Rehabbed house.

Jenn, (Salem, MA Home Depot ASM) selecting the BBQ Grill we raffled off. 

 Alex, (Wholesaler) won the $50. Home Depot gift card.

Karen ( long time member) won the Grill and seemed elated! 

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