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3/31/15 Got that Assignment to help you… kitchen design

(email that just went out 3/27/15 10:54am)

Tuesday 3/31/15 at 6:30pm we’re meeting at #47 Newbury Street, Peabody, MA (right in front of the SpringHill Suites, our regular meeting place, on Route 1 North)

Our Host is Peter from Design Group 47. We’ll have Kitchen Designers to cover “the Money room” in our Flips, Rentals and Homes.

However they’ve asked that YOU bring either a floor plan of your kitchen, print outs of what you’re interested in or pages from a magazine that you’ve been impressed with. This will be a working/demonstration meeting.

We’ll be focusing on How You can get the most bang for your investing buck and Not Overimprove something a buyer will rip out in a year or go out of style by next year (remember avacado colored refrigerators?)

I look forward to seeing you there, next Tuesday 3/31/15 at 6:30pm 47 Newbury Street (Route 1 North) Peabody, MA Marco’s pizza and soft drinks. No charge to members only $99.00/year to join, only $119.00/year for partners or only $25.00 for guests.

Mike Hurney, Director, PO Box 307, Marblehead, MA 01945 Office (781) 639-8616

PS Take a look, if you have a minute, at that kitchen picture on our homepage and let me know Tuesday what you think it’s worth? What you think the House is Under Agreement for? and whether you think it’s “adequate” (ratio of Kitchen/House value)? I’ll have a gift certificate for the closest written entry to actual number. kitchen design

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