3/30/2010 Meeting follow-up Painting, Landscaping, Evictions, Taxes & Electrical danger!

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Hey Mike,

Excellent meeting last Tuesday here’s a quick summary:

Heidi at Sherwin Williams paint, Northeast Nursery fenescue (grass) and a discount card, Attorney Rick Connor will review your Tenancy, Roberta on Taxes (April 15), Gerry – “Danger that’s electricity that powers your Sump pump for that water. I’m glad to check it out for you!”

Paint – Heidi was glad to speak to us, reviewing the latest pallette for us here in the Northeast. She mentioned Sherwin has an online service that can take your digital photos and change the colors, so you (or your spouse) will see what works, she’ll be glad to walk you through it. She can be reached at the Salem, MA store 978-741-0173 We’re also invited to their Grand Opening Saturday April 10th where all their paint will be 40% off! Raffles and refreshments also. See you there, Mike

Landscaping – Northeast Nursery’s Tom Spence and Penny reviewed the three finalists photos with suggestions for upgrading the landscape! Tom also taught us the difference in the feniscues- Tri-rye, Kentucky blue, etc, how they’re blended to make a Fenway seed that’s fast growing for soil stabilization and durability. He also gave us some discount cards. If you’re a current member send me a quick email and we’ll get one to you.

Attorney Rick Connor spent most of his time on the Security Deposit which he’s found to be most Landlords problems! He’s willing to spend an hour with you to review your Tenant documents and make sure you have everything you need for a Massachusetts Legal Tenancy which is a lot easier now before you have a conflict. For only $49.00 (that’s a huge savings & cheap “insurance”)

Taxes – Did you know you are 10 times more likely to be audited by the IRS when you file an extension versus April 1 through the 15th? Roberta’s busy now but she’s willing to work late to get you filed! Her cell is 781-258-5216 Might as well get it done now!

Danger – “With all the clean-up from the 50 year record setting rains” Gerry the Electrician who was at our last meeting and can be reached on his cell 617-538-5002 “people sometimes forget how well electricity and water mix. There’s no sense taking a chance with your sump pumps not being grounded. I’m glad (as a licensed electrician with many years experience) to look at your electrical system, make a recommendation and even upgrade you with Ground fault outlets or GFCI circuit breakers. It’s just not worth taking a chance and no amount of water damage can compare with you getting hurt, a lot of people depend on you. You can give me a quick call 617-538-5002 and get this resolved now.” Gerry

See you at the next midmonth April 16 and Home Inspections at our main meeting April 27, 2010.

Mike Hurney, Director MassRealEstate.net

PO Box 307, Marblehead, MA 01945, 781-639-8616 [email protected]

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