“Hidden Market” of Real Estate, Friday, 12/11/2015, 6:30pm with Tony

Investors, Contractors and Landlords

the “Hidden Market” of Real Estate, in the years I’ve been with MassRealEstate.net I’ve found there is a Universal request for HELP finding “DEALS” from both beginning and seasoned members.

There are as many definitions of deals as there are members. My definition of a deal is a property that you can purchase at 75% or lower of the retail (MLS, Multiple Listing Service for Brokers) price. That pricing could be because of the Condition of the Property, the Situation of the Seller or the Status of the Market.


How do you find those Deals?

Tony Youngs will be presenting his BootCamp of  the “Hidden Market” in a Preview Friday 12/11/2015, evening 6:30pm at Denny’s of Danvers. This will be our regular meeting for December. No charge to Members, only $25. Guests or only $99/year to join.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday we’ll join Tony for his BootCamp, Regularly priced at $1497. For MassRealEstate.net members only $997.

Here’s the Format:

We’ll begin Saturday morning at 9:00am sharp for an outline of the BootCamp and match up folks in our “convoy”. Over the three days we’ll visit at least 10 Foreclosures. But here’s the Hidden Market: Tony will uncover probably 20 other properties that fit his definition of Deals that YOU can make Offers on.

We’ll not only cover How these Deals are found but How to quickly Analyze and Make Offers on them.

What a great way to end 2015 on a high note and get ready for an even better Successful/Profitable 2016!

I look forward to seeing you Friday, Mike Hurney!

PS You can read all the material you want, listen to 100+ Podcasts, get on Blog Forums night and day BUT there is no comparison with getting out in the Field and Doing it! Especially with an Expert like Tony Youngs!

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