203k = Purchase/Refinance with Rehab money!

Here are some reasons.. besides the low down

 payments (3.5%purchase and 2.25 on a refi ) 

1. The house has septic issues… you can correct that TITLE 5 issue.

2. Your realtor is trying to market an “ugly duckling” that needs some Cosmetic TLC. 3. Its a bank foreclosure with eager buyers with minor items to “tweak”. 

4. You have cash poor buyers who want to improve the house BEFORE they build equity. 

5. The home is great but the borrower wants to fill in the pool! 

6. Its a 1-4 family owner occupied and needs all new appliances…. roll them into the loan! 

7. First time buyer who wants to do just cosmetic upgrades.

8. The borrower wants to add a second floor ! 

9. The homeowner wants to finish the basement and they have little equity line to tap! 

10. Its time for the in law or au pair suite! 

11. Its time to add or replace the deck, patio or porch! 

12. Your borrower wants to repair the driveway or perhaps install a new one. 

13. Your borrower wants to install AC or replace an existing HVAC system. 

14. The applicant wants to install gutters, down spouts, new roof. 

15. Replacement windows are needed and the borrowers do not want to tap their cash. 

16. Its time to paint inside and out. 

17. The basement needs waterproofing. 

18. Borrower wants to add a pool or other luxury items!

(after the closing! Homestyle product only)

Why a 203K? Mike Hurney 781-405-1845 cell

If you Don’t ask, you Don’t get.

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