2011 year in review & 2012 will be even better w/your help!

Hey Members, here’s a quick review of 2011 and with your help and suggestions 2012 should be even better! Mike


December 27, 2011 Not what you make but what you keep. Odds of making $ in RealEstate

I’ll be speaking about the “odds” of making it in Real Estate. I believe it’s one in ten if you follow Lessons 1-12 which I’ll cover tonight. This versus the common misconception that you can do it in a one hit lottery style. Incidentally Quick Pic for tonight has $206M prize with odds something like 1 in 175,711,536 (based on their payout from David Baker at the Commission) want a chance? See you tonight. By the way National Institute of Lightning Safety estimates the chances of Lightning striking you are 1 in 280,000,000. I’ll take Real Estate and You’ll see how tonight. Also let’s get up to speed on the huge profitable field of Short Sales, REOs (Bank Owned Real Estate) and Auctions. Mike

Lessons 1-12* I spoke about the “odds” of making it in Real Estate. I believe it’s one in ten if you follow Lessons 1-12 (below) which I covered from my course “How to Become a Real Estate Investor in 12 Easy Lessons” which is only $599. for non Members and $499. for members ($99/year to join MassRealEstate.net)

Lesson 1. Stake out your Territory.

2. What’s the Traffic in that area?

3. Friends and Influences.

4. Make an Offer.

5. Qualify a Buyer.

6. “Comps”

7. CounterOffers.

8. Rehabbing and Estimating.

9. To Flip or Not to Flip.

10. The dirtest 11 letter word.

11. Networking.

12. Vision

2. Year-end Tax Strategies – CFP Steve – The Single most expensive tax mistake of all. How to slash your audit risk (fly under the IRS radar). Powerful strategies for Real Estate “Flippers” and 10 more expensive Tax mistakes that cost property owners Thousands. There’s more to mileage expenses than you think, Steve will cover this simple chart.

Also borrowing against your home to convert nondeductible personal interest into deductible home equity interest. Tax Opportunities for “Real Estate Professionals” let’s you avoid “passive income” limits on Real Estate losses. Tax on most long-term capital gains is capped at 15% but that capital gains can cost you valuable deductions, credits, allowances and subject you to the Alternative Minimum Tax, Steve will make sure we understand this and more… Witholding and Estimated Tax payments, Repairs vs Improvements, Depreciating Real Estate for Maximum Savings when you “Cost Segregating” strategies….

November 29, Buy right, Housing Judge, Storm damage tonight

1. Know how to “Analyze” a property? After this meeting tonight, you will. That is How to “Buy right” and “make money going into the deal”. All 4 ways to analyze income property!

2. Before you jump into something it’s important to know the rules. In the Housing Business if you don’t know the simple Rules your cashflow, business and YOU will go down fast! You can learn those rules tonight with the Housing Judge who’s seen it all. What are the trends in Court and how are cases being handled?

3. Several years ago Harvard University issued a paper that concluded: We in the northeast had not been hit with a serious Hurricane that had caused significant damage and we may be due for one in the near future. (Duh…) All the insurance companies in the area took this opportunity to either discontinue Storm Damage clauses or restrict the payouts. Typically policy costs increased dramatically and most of Cape Cod had to be covered by an “assigned risk pool”. Lately Narragansett Bay has entered the arena with reduced cost policies. If you’re coverage has increased dramatically because of this study? You need to be here tonight and hear how to save money.

4. more on the Affordable Housing Lottery in Marblehead, MA

October 25, Options, How to avoid 7 Deadly mistakes, Tenant Check, SEO

1. Know how to “Option” a property? After this meeting tonight, you will. That is How to “Contract to Purchase a Property” in an Agreement that you can sell! And do it in  an “iron-clad” document.

2. What pitfalls are out there for new investors that you can easily avoid? How about 1. Doing your Homework? I know you didn’t like it in school why would you like it now? Actually it’s easily done. And making improvements in the WRONG order? and Putting a “Team” of Partners together. and Setting up a Legal Entity? and Not Documenting agreements? We’ll show how to simply avoid these “mines in your field” and more, tonight!

3. Want to know how MaryAnn saved me tens of thousands in Tenant costs and how we met. I believe you can not be in the Income Property Business without her. Even if you hit Plan B (not being able to Sell and having to rent) her report is Critical to your Success. She’ll also share tips with us, that can save you thousands in Legal Fees and untold nights of aggravation.

4. Steve is THE expert on Social Media and how you can help hundreds of your potential Customers. He’ll speak about YOUR Funnel and Developing YOUR niche.

September 27 Evictions, Auctions, Get Started, Boilers Buy/Sell, Networking and Refreshments,

1. Part 2“Who Else Wants to have a Hassle-Free Landlording business?”
The Junkyard Dog of Eviction Attorneys will take us step by step through the entire Eviction process and how to avoid the many minefields in the Housing Court!

2. Garrett the Auctioneer will share his insight to Real Estate Auctions, Absolute-Auctions, Conditional, Short Sales, REOs, Foreclosure Auctions. Also what’s happening now, what are the trends that you need to know before attending an Auction?

3. Save money each month, Avoid a breakdown and increase the value of your property. Efficient Boilers and water heaters for our coming Winter with Tom.

4. Getting Started. Where can you begin in Real Estate today and start making money right now? It seems many of our members are eager to go ahead but the information is not conclusive:

So, Get it under agreement OPTION, finance it with someone else’s money OPM and sell it quickly to a retail buyer FLIP! These 3 simple steps are not that simple. Learn what they really are and how to use them tonight!

August 30, 1. “Who Else Wants to have a Hassle-Free Landlording business?”
Starting with Let your Tenants know you’re Serious, Serve ‘em with a Constable!

2. Meet ShortSale Brokers so successful they’ve run out of money. This may be a good networking connection If you’d like to help these three investors

3. Efficient Boilers and water heaters for our coming Winter.

4. Behavioral Styles Can Give You a Leg Up. Michael Sobus PhD
Learn The easiest way to sell more, manage better & lead more successfully is to understand the Operating Systems or Behavioral Styles of others. By adjusting your style to theirs you gain instant credibility, literally becoming a member of their tribe.

5. Guerrilla marketing for already busy Investors

July 26, 1. Rates, 2. Briefcase 3. How to Become a Real Estate Investor… 4. Update from the “Junk-Yard-Dog”

1. We’re in the Real Estate “doldrums” (Seasonal slow activity) for the next couple of weeks but our Financing programs are very Active and Competitive in fact our management says we’ve just hit an Historic all-time Lowest rate. So you may want to give me a call 781-248-6907 before something changes.

2. We have the “Briefcase of Consumer Credit Info” CD which I’ll handout at the Mover’s and Shakers on August 19. Good Resource to have!

or If you’re a current member you can send me a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) and I’ll mail a copy to you ASAP.

3. I’ve updated my Course “How to Become a Real Estate Investor” with an Excel Estimating Offer Calculator (actually Allison did it;-) If you’ve taken the Course recently I’ll get it to you. If you’re thinking about joining us? Now’s a good time. Only $599. for non-members, $499 for current members.

4. Our Advisor and annual Speaker, Rick the Junk Yard Dog of Evictions had this to pass on: “If you’re not receiving timely Rental payments it’s unlikely that will get better. If someone is behind in paying, Why wait? You can always slow down the Eviction process but you can’t speed it up. 14 day notice, 3 weeks to get into Court (barring any of the mistakes Landlords usually make like Security Deposit infractions), two weeks for a decision and  2 months to clear out. Add that to some already behind rent and you’re talking serious money. Act now!”

This week I’m working on several Refinances with values that support the Loan to Value needed. Conforming rates are low enough for a lot of folks to refi. When you’re ready for money on that offer or to refi your current property? [email protected] 781-248-6907 cell NMLS#43341

July 25, Investing software, Green Bldg, Legal ed. & Hurricanes

Anyone need a Plumber? I’ve got Tom, who spoke to us several months ago, working for a couple of days for me with a water heater, faucet and sink upgrade? He’s at 617-697-7330

1. Buy, Sell and networking.

2. We’ve got Constant Contact Email.

3. There are over 100 members that have received the 360 Real Estate investing software by joining or renewing their membership in MassRealEstate.net We’ll have a segment to analyze Deal/No-Deal for several potential purchases (more if you bring them). You’ll learn how to utilize this powerful tool. Otherwise you may end up like the Prince with the glass slipper scouring the Countryside for Cinderella. After this you’ll know your numbers and whether to Jump or Pass on your next deal!!

4. Our member Felecia Elias is a “Green” builder who will show us How to build green? What is Green Building? Why you have to build Green today? The advantage$? and How easy it is to work with her?

5. Ice cream at the door, air conditioned meeting room1.

6. New member benefit Legal Education, if you want it?

7. Hurricane prep. Forecasters predict 3-6 major (winds over 111mph) Hurricanes in the Atlantic this season (June1 – October), 6-10 less severe (winds at least 74mph) and 12-18 (at least 39mph) named storms. Are you ready? Want that Insurance company back to speak/prepare us?

8. This week I’m working on a money saving 2nd home refinance and a cross collateral loan of $900k. also Conforming rates are low enough for a lot of folks to refi. When you’re ready for money on that offer or to refi your current property? [email protected] 781-248-6907 cell NMLS#43341

June 30, You can join our buddy Denis Keohane (who spoke to us in May at our regular monthly meeting) at his Webinar

You can also join us at his “Real Estate Mastery 101 Course on Saturday, July 16th in Randolph. It will be an 8 hr course. We are charging $475/person and you can bring a family member for free.” I’ll be providing lunch and speaking briefly about GMAC mortgages. When you sign up for this event at MassRealEstate.net you’ll receive 3 bonuses, But only if you sign up with us! You can call my cell 781-248-6907 and I’ll email or fax the signup form. See you at 7! Mike Hurney

Last Tuesday

2. Isoteric discussion slowed us down on “Net” covering Rehabbing costs for Getting Started IV. I’ll have a filled out version available next weekend.

3. Promote your Business? If it’s Real Estate related, I’m glad to give you some time at upcoming meetings and a Banner for a month. Then if you find it’s worth it? You can Upgrade your membership to a Corporate membership. Then we’ll keep it there for 12 months, let you speak a second time during that year and place articles on our emails. You can see this month’s speakers; Rick, Kristin and Gary on the Home Page MassRealEstate.net this afternoon

4. Welcome New and Renewing Members; Margarita, Mark, Tim, Nicholas, Michael, Anthony, Patrick and Jeremy!

5. 360 Investor Software – I’ve sent ALL our recent members to Bob Beckman for their 360 Investor Software. I’m paying big bucks for this worthwhile package which should greatly enhance your business! If you haven’t received the link, you can email me and we’ll figure it out ASAP.

6. Independence Day is fast approaching. Celebrate the day by paying tribute to those who struggled and sacrificed to make our country great. Things may seem tough now but we’re Americans and we will get it right, despite these Politicians that always seem to have “Our Interests” at heart! We’re working Smart, Hard and networking, which will prevail!

7. Marilyn won the door prize “Something’s Gotta Give” dvd so she’ll know exactly how to upgrade her house for sale.

8. Rick wowed us with his knowledge of Kitchens. After doing over a thousand I guess he knows what’s going on. He also covered the Costs and where your usage would be whether it’s Rentals, Upgrade to Sell or High-end Selling.

9. Kristin had an unbelievably thorough study of Millennials (born between January 1, 1980 and December 31, 1989) it all makes sense when you figure they’re graduating with Huge debt, can’t qualify for a mortgage and want everything Now! She’ll also be doing an inexpensive Marketing Program for us, real soon.

10. Gary has an insurance product that has better returns than the Killer Deals and Real Estate Flips some of us have been doing.

The Real Estate business seems to be picking up some steam. Get in now or at least get on our Property notification List so you’ll understand the values.

When you’re ready for money on that offer or to refi your current property? [email protected] 781-248-6907 cell NMLS#43341

Have a Safe and Happy 4th and we’ll see you soon (tonight’s Webinar at 7pm? Movers and Shakers July 15? Denis’ Bootcamp July 16? or our monthly meeting July 26?) Mike

May 31, See you this evening at the Air Conditioned SpringHill Suites

Real Estate Investor Mike Dube
1. Who really knows What’s going on in Real Estate and the Economy? Every day we hear different messages about Sales and Values compared to last month or last year or 2002. There’s no disputing that Market Data but Mike Dube has some insight he’ll share with us on how we can BEST position ourselves for Succes$ against inflation! (back by popular demand!)

2 Patrick the Electrician will show us where NOT to cut corners with an Electrical Contractor. also How you can add Value and the highest ROI electrical Upgrades!

4. I’ll be doing the Getting Started segment, taking a deal from Start to Finish with the big picture. A lot of investors think they’ve covered all their costs until ….. then they realize that $10,000 profit is actually -$1,500! Hey that’s like going to school, paying for education!  Let’s put our monthly education to work and have a net PROFIT.

I look forward to seeing you at the Air Conditioned SpringHill Suites in Peabody in a couple of hours, Mike Hurney.

April 26, 1. (New event Part II – 5:30 – 6:30 How to Get Started)

Confucius said “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.”
but he forgot to say, that’s often the hardest.
Many of our members have a lot of Books and Tapes which can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t want to make a big mistake.
When you show up at 5:30 pm We’ll continue to review the Underlying Principles of Real Estate success which are common to all programs!

2. Short Sales Update – How many? How long are they on the market? and Sold to List ratios?

3. 7:00 pm Contractors Panel Discussion
Electrician, Plumber and General Contractor. How to make things go right! This will be a candid and frank discussion on how to work with the experts that make your Real Estate success possible.

4. 7:30/8:00 – 9:00 our MAIN EVENT
Successful, Real Estate Investor Denis Keohane shares his “Secrets of Success” Ever hear? Hang with Successful people and something will rub off on you. This is it! See you there, Mike

March 29, Tomorrow evening our regular monthly meeting at the SpringHill Suites Hotel, 43 Newbury Street (Route 1 North), Peabody, MA 01960 978-535-5000 5:30 – 9:00 pm


A. a new event – Getting started (5:30 – 6:30pm) details on MassRealEstate.net regular event starts at 6:30

B. Next we have How to Setup your Deal Analyzer with the 360 RE Software, so don’t forget your Laptop, we DO have WiFi in the room.

The Owner Bob Beckman, in person, will also help you setup a website.

C. Asset Protection with the Latest Changes in the Massachusetts Homestead Act! Attorney Robert

D. A couple of new Videos on the MassRealEstate.net home page (you can hit refresh on your browser to see all 5).

Don’t forget

1. Meet successful fellow Real Estate Investors and see what they’re up to. 2. Find out how to Analyze that deal you’ve been looking at. 3. Learn how to find “Creative Financing”. 4. I’ve got an interesting door prize the “Kill-A-Watt” an Electricity Usage Monitor. 5. Refreshments. So don’t forget your Business cards and a new notebook! See you tomorrow evening Tuesday March 29 at 5:30pm! Mike

E. I’m spending more time on Facebook with good results and I’ll be inviting you to join me. I’m also updating our MassRealEstate.net/blog/


Size yourself up.   Ask yourself if you are satisfied with your real estate results.

Are you stuck in Real Estate Rut wearing the same ole same ole traditional real estate portfolio?

I’ve got news for you, it shows.

Listen up Agents:  over 50% of your potential closings will likely include a short sale transaction in 2011.

Agents and Investors: learn how to work the hottest income stream, short sales! Achieve massive financial results over the next 2 years
Flex Your Real Estate Muscle with Short Sales. Get with the program NOW!

January 25, not Tonight! We’ve moved our regular monthly meeting to Tuesday, February 1, 2011, 6:30 pm to accommodate our Speaker, Barton! Any time we change dates someone inadvertently shows up, so I’ll do my usual and be there with a Pizza to talk Real Estate tonight just in case someone forgets.

Next Tuesday we’ve got a lot to cover in How to Setup a Short Sale business to: Buy your next home at a deep discount, Flip property to another Wholesaler for a chunk of ca$h or Purchase Rentals for monthly POSITVE cash flow.

The next weekend February 5 & 6, 2011 we’ll cover all the details for you to setup this lucrative business for yourself. Barton has cautioned me on the amount of time she needs to show you how easy it is, to do it right, the first time:

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