11/4/2012 Freeze tonight?

Good morning [First Name], tonight the temperature will go below freezing (not for long) If you’ve been waiting for the Winter cold  or the Election results this is the week!

I’d like to remind you that you can use the Fall Chore Checklist below which we handed out 9/25/2012 and save yourself time, money and aggravation. My good buddy, Contractor Fedele Cacia (cell: 508-816-3509) can help with your Roof, Windows/Doors and Exterior. You could get those old windows storms, or entrance, replaced or tightened up. He’s considered the Best and NEVER has callbacks, unless of course, it’s for more work!

www.MassRealEstate.net September 25, 2012

1.Kitchen Cabinet Broker $2500. To $75,000.00 Rick Clark “For the Heart of your Home or Investment” [email protected] Cell 781-771-0512 Signup tonight ONLY! Complementary Design ($499-$1500 value). After tonight $499.00 which can be credited towards your Kitchen work.

2. Paul’s Hardwood Floor [email protected] Call cell 978-979-2553 for Specials!

3. Tom the Plumber “Simply the Best” Plumbing, Heating and Gas Fitting [email protected]           617-697-7330 It’s now our busy season, so NO specials but you’ll get unbeatable service!

Fall Chore Checklist

Windows and Doors: Caulk the joints between the exterior siding and window and door frames. Check window frames for cracks and spackle, phenoseal or fill them. Paint window frames if necessary. Hang storm windows. Check to see all doors close tightly.

In the Yard: Clear away dead leaves and plants. If there are dead branches near power lines – call the utility company to alert them. Trim back shrubs especially within 18” of the house as well as any weak or damaged branches that might fall and cause damage. Mulch delicate plants. Drain outdoor faucets and cut off the water. Check the perimeter of the foundation and make sure that the ground doesn’t slope toward the house. Water and ice may collect and cause damage. Mow the lawn and fertilize. Plant Fall bulbs. Use your lawnmower to mulch autumn leaves before you bag them. Result: Faster and fewer bags!

Up on the Roof: Remove all leaves, twigs, balls, etc from gutters, downspouts and drains. Replace torn or loose shingles; patch with asphalt, if needed. Secure any loose flashing. On a rainy day, check the attic for leaks. Secure mountings for antennas. Check melting cables.

Plumbing and Heating: Have the heating system checked and serviced. Clean and lubricate ventilating and exhaust fans. Forced hot air – Clean or replace the air filters. Leave attic vents open so moisture doesn’t collect inside. Winterize all AC equipment.

Exteriors: Nail loose boards or trim. Touch up paint, using a wire brush to remove flakes. Patch any hairline cracks in the masonry. Check untreated wood with an ice pick. If it’s soft or rot shows, remove the damage and fill the area with a plastic wood sealer.

Fireplace: Open the damper, use a flashlight to look up the flue for anything blocking the chimney. Have chimney cleaned and inspected at least once a year. Be sure the bricks in the firebox are intact and tight.

Drive and Lots: Seal cracks and fill pot holes. Mark walks, hydrants and curbs with flags. Establish snow removal contracts. Inspect snow blowers, plows and snow shovels. Order snow melt.

“You can’t keep trouble from coming but you needn’t give it a chair to sit on” Checklist thanks to www.GeneseelandlordAssoc.org

Mike Hurney, Director, wwwMassRealEstate.net PO Box 307, Marblehead, MA 01945 Office 781-639-8616, [email protected] cell 781-405-1845 NMLS #43341


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