11/16 Maximize resources w/CPM, where’s the Market and Short Sales.

Predictions for the next 6 months, work with Banks and do it once.

Good morning [First Name],
Tonight at Movers and Shakers we’ve got Three Objectives

1. Whose market is it: Buyers, Sellers or Investors?
2. What are the procedures that expedite short sales?
3. Are you using CPM to save time and money?
CPM of course is the acronym for Critical Path Method which designates tasks in the most expeditious manner. They use it on Space Shuttles and Nuclear Plants. Why can’t you use this simple technique to avoid duplication? For instance refinishing a hardwood floor first then performing major construction, especially demo insures you’ll need to refinish it again. Also why you should never cover the floor with building paper! Interior painting – Do you paint the ceiling, trim or walls first? Exterior painting and landscaping in which order does it save you effort, time and $?
4. If time permits: What’s working and how have we resolved what did not work for us Real Estate Investors? Who’s doing what and needs what??

Movers and Shakers 11/16/2012 7-8:30PM Dennys of Danvers, 152 Endicott Street, Danvers, MA 01923 978-774-1897 Always FREE to current members only $5.00 for guests (covers tip) Coffee, Tea, soft drinks and a snack.

See you there, Mike
PS Want your “farm” (city or town you invest in) Analyzed? email me ASAP
PPS I think I’ve mastered the Aweber templates so you can actually read them.

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